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Our Range of Styles

This page shows our range of web site styles. Simply pick the style you want and we'll create a web site for you in that style with your banner, logo and page content. If you like, we will design a banner and logo for you.

We are adding more styles all the time, so if you don't see a style that you like today come and have another look soon. You could even e-mail us with a suggestion for a new style and we'll do our best to add it to our range.

If you already have one of our web sites and you see a new style that you prefer, just send us an e-mail and we will re-style your web site as one of your three annual changes included in your maintenance charge.

Many of our styles are available in a range of colours. You can see all the colour options by selecting from the drop-down menu below each screen image.

Click on the images to see a larger sample screen.

Pastel Menu
Pastel Menu Sample
Colour options
Minimal Side Bar
Minimal Side Bar Style Sample
Colour options
Divided Side Bar
Divided Side Bar Style Sample
Colour options
Gold Wave Side Bar
Gold Wave Side Bar Style Sample
Haze Style Sample
Colour options
Spiral Pad
Spiral Pad Style Sample
Colour options
Minimal White Box Side Bar
White Box Side Menu Sample
Primrose Tags Menu
Dawn Tags Menu Sample
Side Bar Menu
Side Text Style Sample
Colour options
Gingham Mini Menu
Gingham Mini Menu Style Sample
Colour options
Large Side Menu
Sky Side Menu Style Sample
Colour options
Mini Menu
Mini Menu Style Sample
Colour options
Blue Wave
Blue Wave Style Sample
Fire Sample
Pastel Buttons Menu
Sky Style Sample
Colour options
Line Menu Sample
Colour options
Brass Tags Menu
Brass Tags Sample
Dawn Sample
Angled Tags Menu
Angled Tags MenuSample
Colour options
3D Tags Menu
3D Tags MenuSample
Colour options
Tech Style Sample
Colour options
Pastel Wave Side Bar
Pastel Wave Side Bar Style Sample
Colour options
Green Tile
Green Tile Style Sample
Mint Green Fade
Mint Green Fade Style Sample
Ocean Sunset
Ocean Sunset Sample
Offset Menu
Sand Offset Sample
Colour options
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