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Our Aim

We aim to provide an affordable, professional web design service for small businesses, clubs and individuals.

We understand how important it is for small businesses to keep careful control over their budgets. The price you see on this page is the price you'll pay for your completed website. There are no hidden extras.

Three-page website £145.00
One year's hosting and maintenance (£3.50 per month) £42.00
Number of extra main pages (£25.00 each) 0
Number of secondary pages (£25.00 each) 0
Online shopping facility (£65.00) No
Customer contact form (£30.00) No
Guest book (£30.00) No
PDF Download (£25.00) No
Total Cost (including one year's hosting and maintenance)

We charge £145 for designing and building a three page website. This includes acquiring a website name; setting up e-mail forwarding and putting your completed site on the web. Then we charge £3.50 per month to keep it there.

You can add any of the optional features listed below.

To see exactly how much your site will cost choose the options you want in the box on the right.

Optional Features

Move your mouse over the features listed on the line below to see more details

Extra Pages - Secondary Pages - Online Shopping - Customer Contact Form - Guest Book - PDF Download

Optional Features

Extra Pages

You can have up to two extra pages at a cost of £25.00 each. These pages will form part of the main website - they will appear on your site menu and will themselves contain your site menu.

Secondary Pages

Secondary pages appear in a separate window on top of your main site. You can use them for all sorts of things. Two common uses are:

  • to show full size images when people click on a small image in the main website. You can see an example of this on our Style Range page.
  • to show more details about something that appears in the main site. For example, for more details click here.

Secondary pages cost £25.00 each

Online Shopping

If you would like an online shopping facility on your site we can include a customised shopping basket, integrated with PayPal's secure online payment service, for an additional £65.00. (Click here to find out more about PayPal).

Customer Contact Form

We can add a customer contact form (like the one on our Contact Us page) for an additional £30.00.

Guest Book

A guest book (like the one on our Contact Us page) gives visitors to your site the opportunity to leave a message for you and other site visitors to see. The cost of this option is £30.00.

PDF Download

It's often helpful to offer visitors to your site the option of downloading a PDF document (like the one on our Home page). These documents can be read using the freely available Adobe Reader software. They can also be printed or saved to disk.

You might want to add this option to your site to provide a price list; a menu; a printable enquiry/application form, or just a printable summary of your site. The cost of this option is £25.00.

...and that's it

You only pay for the features you want and there are no hidden charges. What's more, you won't have to pay a penny until you've seen your completed site up and running on the Internet.

What do you get for your money?

Whichever options you choose the following services are included in the price: We will...

  • design and build your site (including individual banner design if required).
  • submit your site to ten search engines.
  • manage your site hosting.
  • register your domain name on your behalf.
  • renew your domain name when it expires.
  • manage e-mail forwarding (e.g. will be directed to your existing e-mail address).
  • make up to three minor changes per year to your site.

Please note: the service we offer is a complete package. We do not build sites to be hosted elsewhere. You own any text and images that are specific to your site, but we retain ownership of text, images, software etc. that are not specific to your site.

consider the total cost over five years

We aim to make all our sites as accessible as possible to people with disabilities, so

  • Most text is resizable.
  • All images have text alternatives.
  • Our sites are suitable for text readers as the coding behind each site is kept simple and small. (This also means that they load quickly.)
Making sure your site is accessible is not only good business sense, it is a legal requirement under the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act.

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